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TBM Racing Tips. (The Basher Method)

This all started off when I was asked if I had any “method” of picking tips. I have. I just hadn’t written it in stone, or indeed anywhere. It was just in my head.

The Method [version 2.0]:

    • Scan the Bet365 racing page. One race at a time.
    • Sort by price.
    • Discard races where there are less than 3 places.
    • Create a “score” for each runner: 1=3 points, 2=2 points, 3=1 point.
    • Disregard anything else.
    • Any score over 9 is a possible pick.
    • Odds must be over 6.0. [updated – was originally 5.5 No good for e/w bet]

Example: form =”12-4431″ => 3+2+0+0+1+3 = 9 (possible pick)
You would be surprised how few picks are left using this method.

You can only do this on the day or the night before, because the odds are not available before that.

Validation Checks. [Not in version 1.0]

Now check all possible picks against a proper form guide. Racing post, Geegeez.co.uk, gg.co.uk, take your pick.. I use gg.co.uk]

      • Eliminate all picks where the horse has never been placed with that jockey.
      • Eliminate all picks where the horse has never run on that course.

The original post is here.. [version 1.0]

I’ve been doing this a while..

This is currently entirely a manual process. Although I can see how I could automate it, given time. I’d have to work out how to “cull” the number of tips on days when there are way too many, though, and I (currently) don’t have a data feed of race meetings, results etc. Hence the “validation” phase..

I also didn’t have a list of results or performance. I just relied on my Bet365 balance, which got confusing as I used that for other things as well..

Update: manually updating the results table was taking too long, and was not possible on a mobile device. Which is annoying as I can do everything else via mobile.. so I’ve stopped doing it. Life’s too short. See the “Performance Graph”..



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