Don’t forget – it’s the FA Cup on Saturday..

One for your diary, this: it’s the FA Cup between Chelsea and Man U at 5:15 on Saturday. Both teams are in the top five of the Premier League, so it’s going to be close. The odds are 2.9 v […]

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News: Skybet cops a £1M fine.. Karma!

I HAD to post this one! Skybet have been handed a £1 MILLION fine for failing to look after their customers. Basically, if you have a gambling problem, you can ask the online bookies to "ban" you. It’s called self-exclusion. […]

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Free Racing Tips – Clawing My Way Out Of The Brown Stuff?

Bash The Bookies

Steady Eddy and Little Earner to the rescue! Starting the day deeply embedded in the brown smelly stuff that falls out of the back end of horses, I went ahead and backed Steady Eddy‘s tip.. It WON! So I backed […]

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