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  • The vultures are circling above Theresa May. Who will take over? 09-Jul-2018 - The vultures are circling over Theresa May. David Davies has resigned as BREXIT secretary following the "agree or die" fiasco last Friday. (He has been replaced by Dominic Raab (who?) who looks a LOT like agent Smith from the Matrix.) [...]
  • Don’t forget – it’s the FA Cup on Saturday.. 16-May-2018 - One for your diary, this: it's the FA Cup between Chelsea and Man U at 5:15 on Saturday. Both teams are in the top five of the Premier League, so it's going to be close. The odds are 2.9 v [...]
  • No bets today. 15-May-2018 - The day job for in the way.Tonight though, Boro are playing Villa in the Championship play-offs. Boro already lost the first leg, at home, so they have no chance away at Villa park. Sadly. They are my local team, so [...]
  • World Cup 2018 11-May-2018 - Here we go again - Hurrah! If you've been following me for a LONG time, you will know that I started all this - the online betting, tipping, website, everything in fact, for the World Cup. Not the previous one, [...]
  • News: Skybet cops a £1M fine.. Karma! 28-Mar-2018 - I HAD to post this one! Skybet have been handed a £1 MILLION fine for failing to look after their customers. Basically, if you have a gambling problem, you can ask the online bookies to "ban" you. It's called self-exclusion. [...]
  • Done it! £101 bank.. 22-Mar-2018 - Believe it or not, I started off with £10 this time around. I got up to and beyond £100, before losing it all and getting back down to £20 .. Anyway, I am back up to over £100 again.. it's [...]
  • Ludlow race abandoned today 07-Feb-2018 - The course is frozen, and not expected to get above zero before lunch. Damn. There go two of my bets. This message was sent from my phone. Please excuse the brevity and any typos. Thanks
  • Downtime Ahead.. 15-Jan-2018 - I'm changing SSL Certificates (https://) for this site. I currently use Comodo, but there is an issue with certain browsers, so I'm swapping to Let's Encrypt. Also, LE is free. Comodo isn't. This will involve switching nameservers, seting up LE, [...]
  • I have a tenner on both teams to score on tonight’s Arsenal v Liverpool match.. 22-Dec-2017 - It's on bet365's in-play free bet offer. You need to be invited.. Because I put on this qualifying pre-match bet, I get a free In-play bet.. not sure what that's going to be though.. 18+ The content on this site [...]
  • BetBright Xmas US Sports Offer 21-Dec-2017 - US Sports: 150% Bonus Live: Now until further notice AD ID: 1521 Now’s the time to capitalise on the huge growth in popularity of US sports. There’s no let-up in the action with games even scheduled for Christmas day. Push [...]

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