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The Objective

Make as much money as possible from online betting.


The first time around, I stung the bookies for a few thousand smackers by using their sign-up money in an intelligent manner. (Note: I had help) Eventually, I ran out of sign-up deals.
This time around, I’ve had a go at all sorts of betting: football (soccer), greyhounds, Olympics..
But I keep coming back to Horse Racing, simply because of the odds.
I have NO interest in the sports themselves, Horses (nasty poo-generating-machines), or anything like that. No sentimentality. No loyalty to any particular football (soccer) team (my local team is Middlesbrough..)
It’s simply about Cold, Hard, Cash. I’m investing to make a profit (hopefully).


I use free and paid-for tipping services such as the Steady Eddy, Little Earner and Midas Method
I occasionally report on their performance, whether good or bad.


I’ll tell you now that any links to external sites eg Steady Eddy, Bet365 (My bookie of choice), the Midas Method, Fold4Gold etc are likely to be affiliate links. What that means is that I may get a small commission if you sign up for something. They pay me, you don’t, so don’t worry about it. I’m just making sure you know.


Some days, I may post a LOT of stuff on the BLOG. Others, maybe less. Sometimes, I can’t get proper access to the internet, or indeed time to post much.


Feel free to contribute to the BLOG. Just sign-up and post your stuff. It’ll only appear if I OK it, so that may take time. If it’s SPAM, it won’t appear, and I’ll BAN you. No arguments – this is NOT a democracy.


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I’ve dropped the automated tips system.

Tips will appear either as a post, and/or via social media channels (twitter/facebook). These are for information only. What you do with them is YOUR concern.


18+ The content on this site is not intended for to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 years.
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** Bash The Bookies cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred from the use of information contained in this email or site. Past results are not a guarantee of future results. NEVER bet with money you can’t afford to lose. **
** Material disclosure: if you sign up for any service using the links on this page or site, I may be paid a small commission. Whatever happens it won’t cost YOU anything. Just so you know.. **

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