No-deal Brexit v No-Brexit. Implications for UK Gambling..

I’ve just read an e-mail from Kris Jackman, regarding Brexit.
He’s worried that there will be a no-deal-brexit.
But there’s something worse than a no-deal-Brexit, and that’s no-Brexit.
Without Brexit, we will be tied to these unelected self-important morons forever.
Same goes for Theresa’s “deal”.
We actually need a no-deal brexit..
I suspect what we’ll end up with is no-brexit, and possible a Corbyn-led Labour government. And then we are ALL screwed.
Don’t think for a second that Corbyn will let the betting industry get away with not paying tax. He’ll tax everything, especially success (winnings). He can’t stand success.
Think about that for a bit..
Remember, you read that here first..

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