Have you seen this man?

Have you seen Charles Van Der Wheil?

He’s a famously controversial betting strategist whose heyday was in the 70s and 80s.

But, erm, a lot of people don’t even think he existed.

No one’s got a picture of him, and his theories only ever appeared in print – normally in the letters page of the Sporting Chronicle.

He claimed a strike rate of 80% with his system, with involved combining class and form, both of which were calculated in slightly odd ways.

Lots of people hailed him as a genius, but he was widely rubbished too.

Because as well as class and form, his Van Der Wheil ratings included two other pieces of information, which he never disclosed!

People came to know this absent data as The Missing Link.

Well, decades have passed since then.

And these guys have filled in The Missing Link.

Not just that, but we have dragged the whole system into the 21st century and made it better and more profitable than ever.

Which is why these guys are so proud to unveil the VDW Maximiser.

It builds on Charles’ principles of combining form and class, but they’ve also added something else.

Artificial intelligence.

An incredible tool that means they can steam through thousands of past races in a matter of seconds.

To deliver winners – and good ones at that – directly to you.

So when you get your hands on the VDW Maximiser, you won’t just have access to a powerful new version of the VDW rating.

You’ll also get a piece of software that can tell which horse is most likely to win in any race you choose to bet on.

Because it will have zipped through every race that’s like the one you want to bet on and seen how it panned out using VDW.

So if it says a horse is likely to win – it probably is!

And if it’s not so keen on your horse, it will suggest a horse that is more likely to make you cash.

If Charles Van Der Wheil is still with us – or if that was indeed his real name – he’d be amazed at just how high-tech his system has become.

Start making money from it today.

Click here to get your copy of the VDW Maximiser and find out how you can win bets and get rich in no time at all.


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