Cricket is a sport that is exploitable and being overlooked by the bookmakers.

Now all you need to do is find an expert Cricket enthusiast to show you the ropes in taking the bookies cash.

Dave is a Cricket fanatic who has just joined BetFan after proofing his selections over two very strong months where he made a massive +243 points profit. That’s a super £2430 betting at just £10 a point! Who would say no to that? Cricket, Snooker, Horse Racing or Darts who cares what the sport is? At the end of the day £2430 is £2430 and that’s a sizeable chunk to put in your back pocket!

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Whether you’re a Cricket fan or not doesn’t really matter. Cricket is a game priced up by bookmakers on stats alone and there are certainly areas where they are weak and very exploitable.

This is where Dave excels in taking advantage. Now for the very first time you can turn CRICKET INTO CASH with the help of Dave Owens Cricket Counsel.

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PS. If you’re dreaming of sporting profits then the Cricket Counsel could well be where the cash is at!

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