Football Fixtures Data 2016/7

I’ve been looking at (re-)creating a football match prediction system.

The (first) problem was, I couldn’t find a list of fixtures in a useable format. I needed (at least) the Premier League fixtures in csv or text format, for import into a database table.

The FA have the data, but it’s not easily available, and it’s not in csv format. It’s taken me the best part of an hour to get the data, reformat it to csv using a text editor macro, and upload it here.

I’ve created a page with links to all the individual fixtures files for each league, and also a zipped version of all the files. That’s the one to go for if you want it to download when you click it.

Here’s the link: UK Football Fixtures 2016/7

Please note: I take NO responsibility for any errors in these files, or anything that you do with the data in them. Use them at your own risk.

** Bash The Bookies cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred from the use of information contained in this email or site. Past results are not a guarantee of future results. NEVER bet with money you can’t afford to lose. **
** Material disclosure: if you sign up for any service using the links on this page or site, I may be paid a small commission. Whatever happens it won’t cost YOU anything. Just so you know.. **

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