Racing Tips Paid For My Holiday! – You can do it too…

Racing Tips Paid For My Holiday (Again)

[understatement] I’m a bit skint right now. [/understatement]
The reason is that last night, on the way home, I booked my summer holiday and paid for it in full. 2 Weeks all inclusive for a family of four. [understatement]Not cheap.[/understatement]

The best bit is that it was mostly paid for by online gambling. For the most part, my bets were from FREE RACING TIPS services. In particular, Steady Eddy, Betfan, and bet365 Scalping – although I did have some (paid) help from Bet Alchemist, and Midas Method.

My current state of skintness means that I have to look very closely at anything I pay for, and that means unless things pick up drastically before 1st July, I will be axing my remaining paid subscriptions and relying entirely on free tips.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is NOT to brag about my upcoming jollies – it’s to let you know that it can be done. YOU can do it! I know very little about horses (nasty smelly poo machines) – but I do understand numbers, and profits in particular.

So what I’m saying to you is this:

Get yourself a Bet365 account.
Get yourself a RaceBets account.
Sign up for Betfan newsletter.
Sign up for Steady Eddy.
Sign up for Free Racing Tips.
Sign up for The Tipster Warehouse.
Sign up for _bet kudos.

Now, USE your Bet365 account, and the FREE sign up bonus (£200). Place SMALL e/w bets on Steady Eddy and Free Racing Tips tips. I started with £100 in my Bet365 account, and £2.50 e/w bets..

Don’t get carried away – I did, and it took me MONTHS to get back on track. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose! Don’t chase your losses – that will bankrupt you very quickly.

You will be offered all sorts of “Free” and “Trial” deals via Betfan etc. If they look good, try them, but if it doesn’t work out, remember to cancel your PayPal subscription before you get billed again. I learned MASSIVE amounts by trying out Betfan‘s services on “trial” deals.

Don’t take massive risks in moments of madness. (I’ve done that too). This is INVESTMENT, not gambling. You are looking to build a large pot of money to pay for your next holiday/car/whatever. Keep that goal in mind before you do something you may regret. Maybe keep a photo of the goal pinned to the computer screen? Seems extreme – don’t knock it if it works.

Anyway, give it a go. You won’t win if you don’t try.
BUT: Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. You are NOT going to get rich overnight. Be sensible and realistic.

Bash The Bookies cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred from the use of information contained in this email or site. Past results are not a guarantee of future results.
** Material disclosure: if you sign up for any service using the links on this page or site, I may be paid a small commission. Whatever happens it won’t cost YOU anything. Just so you know.. **

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