Betsafe – Avoid at all costs – What a bloody shower!


[engage rant mode]

Betsafe sent me an e-mail to remind me that I had £23.70 sitting in my account with them. This was very nice of them – I’d forgotten all about it, as it was from my Bonus Bagging days..

FREE MONEY, effectively – So I logged in and sure enough, there it was. But Betsafe don’t do Horse Racing. I don’t do anything else (except football, and I ALWAYS lose). Damn.

Next, I posted a cry for help on here, and syndicated it. Loads of people read it. (I can tell). Nobody came up with a single non-horsey tip. Damn.

So I went for the WITHDRAW option. I originally deposited cash using a VISA card. But it claims I didn’t, and won’t give me my money until I deposit. Cheeky buggers.

So that left me with bank transfer. I need all the bloody international transfer codes, and sacrifice a chicken while standing on one leg singing “happy talk”.. (I made part of that up)

So I decided to use the FREE soccer tips I got from Betfan, The Winning Information Network>, Bet Kudos etc, and rack up as much dosh as possible, to make it worthwhile. Or rather, I WOULD have, but Betsafe wouldn’t let me place as much as I wanted to (£23.70, I remind you) on events I picked.
I tried to put the full £23.70 on a double. Betsafe: NO – you can only have £12.
I tried to put the rest on a > 2.5 Goals bet. Betsafe: NO – you can only have £4 (SERIOUSLY)
And after that the max was £2. I gave up.

These people are telling ME how much I can stake. No way.

This is what happens when you let Europe control your money…


[disengage rant mode]

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