Free Racing Tips

Free Racing Tips

As you’ll probably have worked out if you are following my online ramblings, I’ve been reviewing my (free and paid-for) sources of tips etc..

As a result, I’ve just cancelled my subscription to Place Bets Pro, before the end of the free period, as I don’t think it’s going to be worth ¬£40/month.

The more I look back though, the more I’ve realised the debt I owe to the providers of FREE racing tips. Steady Eddy immediately springs to mind here – why would anyone NOT subscribe to a free service with this kind of hitrate?

Apart from that though, I can honestly say that I’ve learned (and earned) more from Betfan‘s free newsletter than anything else! That’s where I originally first came across Steady Eddy, but also, the free tips provided by their paid services such as “My Lucky 15”, Fold4Gold, “The Gambling Don” and many others have WON on many occasions.
I’ve taken advantage of special “Try our Service for ¬£peanuts for a week” offers in the Betfan newsletter on several occasions, so I learned all about multiple bets from Fold4Gold, Lucky15 betting from “My Lucky 15” and so on.

I REALLY cannot recommend the *FREE* Betfan daily newsletter highly enough!

Honestly, it’s FREE – what have you got to lose? SIGN UP FOR THE FREE BETFAN DAILY NEWSLETTER HERE


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