Auto Bettors Bot – Should You Believe The Hype?

Over the last week, I have been FLOODED with messages telling me how good Auto Bettors Bot is.
That tells me that there’s a good profit margin for affiliates.. but is the software any good?
So I decided to give it a try.
But first, I signed up as an affiliate, and sold myself the software (I was already a clickbank member).
So, I got a (large) cut of the price I paid as a commission. Neat..

The Auto Bettors Bot sales page is very slick, but with very little actual mention of the “software”.
What you are actually getting is an Adobe Air application, which require Adobe Air to be installed first – although since there don’t appear to be any installation instructions, this is not obvious. Asking the seller didn’t get me anywhere, either. Good job I know what I’m doing.

Don’t pay the full price! – try to navigate away from the sales page, and they’ll DROP the price. Oh, and it’s a REALLY aggressive sales pitch.. with at least THREE upsells (I ignored all of them)..

Once you get it up and running (I only bought the basic system) – you’ll get a simple desktop app with four “pages”. The main one is “Bets”. This page displays the day’s bets. You place the bets, and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Right? Well, not yesterday, it didn’t – ALL the bets lost!

So, (Ethan), “I haven’t lost a bet since I bought Auto Bettors Bot” is clearly a load of tosh.

I’m going to monitor the results for a few days before I either add it to my “recommended” list, or more likely demand a refund..

Watch this space..

If you want to give it a go anyway (there’s a 60-day money back guarantee), sign-up here:


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