Auto Bettors Bot – I WANT A REFUND!

I bought this two days ago.

1. There were NO installation instructions. NOWHERE did it mention installing Adobe AIR.- Which is NOT supported on my LINUX netbook anyway, so I had to install it on my Windows desktop.
2. ALL the first day’s selections LOST – so much for “never lose a bet again” on the sales page..
3. This morning, there were NO new selections. So much for “Get up, Run it, Place Bets, Laugh my Ass off”..

It’s a steaming pile of hype.

Fortunately, it says there’s a 60-day money back guarantee – so I’ve requested my money back.
I’m not stupid though, I’ve also opened a refund ticket with Clickbank.. If that doesn’t work, I’ll get on to Paypal..

Let me be clear: AUTO BETTORS BOT is GARBAGE.

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