Manchester United v Real Madrid | Another Bet365 Scalping Opportunity !

As per usual, our scalping expert Richard has the low down on A Great Risk Free offer to make some easy Guaranteed cash this Tuesday

This offer is open to new AND EXISTING Bet365 customers so if you CAN STILL DO THIS even if you already have an account.

Sorry for the lengthy post but it is well worth you reading it all as it explains everything, will make you money ON TUESDAY and it is really easy to do even if you are a total beginner!

The game in question is the massive Champions League game between Man Utd & Real Madrid that kicks off Tuesday night at 7:45pm and we’ve found a fantastic free bet offer to add to the excitement and make us some Guaranteed Cash in the process!

Place a pre-match bet on the game with Bet365 and they will give you a free In-Play bet to the SAME STAKE (UP TO £50) on the big match.

To qualify for your free In-Play bet, simply place a bet before kick-off, then once the game starts place another bet on any In-Play market. If your FIRST In-Play bet loses they will refund this stake, up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

This offer is open to new AND EXISTING customers so if you already have an account you can still do this! If you have not got an account already then open one here and you can do this offer AND make even more money with the free 200 pounds opening account offer for new customers!

Ok so for this first part then to maximise your profit you need to deposit £100 with Bet365 OR if you are not an existing customer you could also take advantage of the free 200 pounds opening account offer for new customers! If you want to do that then deposit £200 and I will of course show you how to maximise the profit out of that as well!

Ok moving on to how this offer works then…There are of course 3 possible outcomes to a soccer match…the Home or AWAY team can win OR it can end in a Draw. As usual we are going to cover all 3 outcomes to GUARANTEE a profit

We are going to bet £50 each on 2 of the outcomes with Bet365 (hence the need for the £100 deposit with them) and then cover the third outcome elsewhere, which brings us nicely onto the next part…..

These guys have been around for a long time and their site has just undergone a major redesign
They have also gone offer crazy in the last few months with some truly amazing free bets and promotions (even if you miss this offer you NEED an account with them to take advantage of all the risk free offers!) and they happen to have the best odds for the last part of our bet so to maximise the profit we will be placing that bet with them.

You can use your exisiting account with them if you already have one OR if you open a new one you will also get a free 20 pound bet as well which we can of course make more profit with after this bet has been settled!

So for this last part you need to open an account and deposit £70 here

Now for the Fun bit! When you have your new accounts open and funded here is exactly how to place the bets……

The game we are using again is Man Utd v Real Madrid @ 7:45pm Tuesday

With the first account you opened you need to firstly place £50 with Bet365 on The Draw

Then at the second account bet the £70 on Real Madrid To Win

The above 2 bets can be done anytime BEFORE kick off of course and just take the odds on offer when you go to place the bets as the odds you get are not that crucial to this working

Now AS SOON AS THE GAME KICKS OFF go back to Bet365 (the first account) and bet the remaining £50 there on Man Utd To Win on the In Play section…you will see the tab at the top of the screen

Now no matter what the result is at full time you WILL make a profit.
At the current odds you will of course get ALL your stakes back and:

If Man Utd Win you will make a Guaranteed profit of £30

If Real Madrid Win you will make a Guaranteed profit of £35

If it ends up a Draw at full time you will make a Guaranteed profit of about £20
You are then free to withdraw all this profit and your own money of course right away after the game if you like as there are no silly rollover requirements or anything else to worry about!

Clever stuff eh and not a bad profit for literally a few minutes clicking! Hopefully the instructions above are crystal clear and easy to follow but feel free to drop me an email if you need any help!



PS Remember all of my advice is Risk Free and your own money is ALWAYS 100% SAFE. If you follow the advice to the letter you WILL make a nice profit each time no ifs, ands or buts….it is a mathematical certainty!

PPS There are also a lot more 100% Risk Free ones to do this month so if you need some more guaranteed cash let me know and I will send you full details..for FREE of course!

Just fill in the details below, and I’ll get back to you..

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  • I’m already on this..

  • As long as I don’t forget to put my £50 on Man U tonight, I’m in the money..

  • So do you need two accounts for this? Or do you simply put £50 on 2 of the outcomes before the game, and then place your £50 free bet on the final outcome once the game has started?

  • You need two accounts, one with bet365, and *another* one. Place £50 on the draw with bet365, and £70 on Real Madrid with the *other*. Then place the £50 in-play on Man U with bet365 once it’s under way. Sounds more complicated than it is..
    *disclaimer – it’s entirely at your own risk!*
    The figures were worked out by Richard, not me, and he’s actually nothing to do with this (my) site.

  • Guess what? I bunged an extra tenner on Madrid while the odds were 7.0.. 🙂

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