Steady Eddy | Tipping Services Update

I’ve just added “Steady Eddy” to the “Tipping Services” section. I use this every day, and can recommend it without any question. It’s also entirely free! (*although you do have to sign up for an online bookmaker account to get the PREMIUM tips – it doesn’t cost YOU anything*)
Free tips, every day, and PREMIUM ones twice a week.

Steady Eddy seems to be a relatively unknown, underrated, underground service used only by “those in the know”. Maybe we should keep it that way? Nah! It’s too good to keep quiet about, and the guys that run it deserve to make some commission for all the work they put in.

I’ve just been through and updated all the “Tipping Services” pages, adding a disclaimer that I may be paid a small commission if you sign-up to any of them. But you already knew that.

** Material disclosure: if you sign up for this service using the links on this page, I may be paid a small commission. Just so you know.. **

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