Midas Method: 6.11.2012

A bumper crop of selections in today’s Midas Method..
6 selections, including one E/W bet, as opposed to the more usual three selections.
Fingers crossed. The fun starts at 1:25 at Punchestown (never heard of it).
As usual, I’ll only be using Bet365 because I’m lazy..
I’ll let you know what happens.


  • 2:00PM – So far, the first two selections have WON.
    Atlantic Roller | staked £5 | Return £11.88
    Banjaxed Girl | staked £5 | Return £15.00

    We are now back up to £150, with FOUR bets still to go! (Note that £7.50 of this was from the “Basher’s Bet Of The Day” I picked that selection!)

  • It continues..

    Molly’s Captain | staked £10 (£5 E/W) | Return £14.00

    3 bets remaining.. 5PM, 5:30PM & 6PM | I’ll post an update later, when I place the last of my “Scalping” bets..

    Ignoring the first of the “Scalping” bets (which I’ll be getting back), the pot now stands at £163.

  • Four out of 6 selections WON. Add it all together, and the return for the day was £55. Sweet!

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