Seat of the pants! – England, bet365, Profits!

I was going to use’s in-play deal (*) to cover the draw and “italy-win” options, then cover the “england-win” option using Bluesquare.. win-win.
Unfortunately, it turns out I already have a closed Bluesquare account, and no time to reactivate.
Plan b: cover “england-win” with betfair. So. I have the draw and “england-win” covered.
Match starts, and I try to log on to bet365 to place my “italy-win” display bet, and – DISASTER – The site is down, then won’t let me logon! And it stayed down until nearly the end of the 90 mins. 🙁
Luckily the 90-min score was 0-0, so I’m £43 up!
Anyway, so I now still have £50 in my (now-working) bet365 account, and I’m aware of the facts that (a) Italy have dominated the match, AND (b) England will lose if it goes to penalties, so I bung the £50 on Italy to qualify (not “win”, that means “win inside 90 mins..”) If the bet loses, Bet365 will give me it back anyway, as part of the in-play deal I mentioned earlier.. can’t lose.
Anyway, Italy qualified, another 45 quid in the bank!
(Thanks Ashley. I knew I could count on you. Anyone who can be married to Chezza and mess THAT up simply can’t be trusted. Pi%% up, brewery, etc)

£88 profit on the night, despite the problems..

* the deal was: place a bet before the match, and then another, in-play, and if the inplay loses, you get the value of the pre-match bet back, up to £50. eg: £50 on the draw, prematch, and then £50 inplay on Italy. If Italy DON’T win, then you get £50 back. Result!

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  • Bet365.Com just refunded my pre-match bet as a goodwill gesture for their technical glitch last night.
    I’m now £138 in profit… 🙂 🙂 !

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