Cheltenham Deals – I can’t lose! (But I won’t win MUCH..)

I just received a FREE £5 bet from Ladbrokes, to use on the Cheltenham races. The conditions state that it has to be a “win single”. Oh, and the original stake doesn’t count as part of the winnings. Damn.
Now, I’m not big on the geegees, so £5 is about my limit.
Anyway, so the obvious bet is Sprinter Sacre @1.72 in the Arkle Chase..

Now, I also happen to know that Paddy Power is offering ALL losing bets their money back if Sprinter Sacre wins. (I know, mental!). So I’ve put £5 OF MY OWN MONEY on AL FEROF @3.75

So, if Sprinter Sarkle wins, I get (5 * 1.72 – minus the stake money = £3.60) from Ladbrokes, plus my money back from Paddy Power.
If Al FEROF wins, I get (5 * 3.75 = £18.75) from Paddy Power.

If anyone else wins, I still get my fiver back from Paddy Power, and I’ve lost NOTHING at Ladrokes..

Good times!

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  • So I turned a £5 free bet into £3.64 withdrawable cash… and got my £5 back from Paddypower…
    Would have been £20 if Al-wossname had won.. 🙁

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