ARB Opportunity.. AIK v Lulea HF TODAY..

There’s currently an opportunity to make 17% on an Arbitrage (Surebet, Scalping)..
It’s Ice Hockey, Swedish League – AIK v Lulea HF.
Bet £59* on Over 3.5 FT, with Bet24 (2.00)
and £41* on Under 3.5 with Betsafe (2.85),
and you’ll make either £18 or £16.85, depending on the result..

Haven’t got a BetSafe account? Get one HERE..
Haven’t got a Bet24 Account? Get one HERE..

*Obviously, you can bet more or less. I’ve just used a £100 total outlay for simplicity.
You could have bet £200, (118/82) and got back double the above..


  • Basher

    Watch out with Betsafe!
    They accepted my bet, but not ALL of it.. some of it is “pending acceptance”.
    Whatever that means. I could end up out of pocket here..

  • Basher

    So, when you are setting up your bets, do the Betsafe one FIRST. If they don’t accept all of your bet, then scale down your bet24 bet to match. Wish I’d known that.

  • Basher

    BETSAFE: “I am sorry to inform you that your bet on the Swedish Ice Hockey match AIK-Luleå over/under 3,5
    goals has been cancelled due to wrong odds. The money has been transferred back to your bet24 account.”

    “WRONG ODDS”?? How come? I clicked THEIR odds, and placed a bet… DODGY!

  • Basher

    What a disaster! Not only did Betsafe decline part of my bet, Bet24 simply cancelled my bet!
    I would have been £50 in profit on bet24, and £20 down on Betsafe. You don’t get this kind of crap on Betfair! Oh, and Betsafe doesn’t allow withdrawals via card… 🙁

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