Basher’s Guide to Tipsters, Systems and Bookies

Bash The Bookies

As you are probably aware, I’m currently trialling Insider Profits Provider.. Please note that it’s NOT yet on my “recommends” list..

Anyway, yesterday I got asked a few questions about that, and betting systems in general, so here’s a quick summary of the systems I have used, currently use, and ones I’m trialling or thinking about using.. along with the online bookies I currently use.

Tipping Services

Steady Eddy : I use their FREE “Steady Eddy’s Each Way Earner” tip EVERY DAY. It’s very often either a winner or a place winner. The odds aren’t usually massively high, so it’s a steady little earner, as it’s supposed to be. Having said that, there ARE occasional biggies! These guys also provide a daily nap, and bi-weekly “specials”.

Betfan : I get their FREE daily newsletter, and always have a look at their free tips. (Usually supplied by their paid services). I don’t always place their tips, but I have had some success with this. Betfan often have excellent offers on their paid services – “seven days for a quid”, etc – I’ve tried a few with varying success.

Bet Kudos : very similar to Betfan. Same comments apply.

Fold4Gold : I had a limited trial with this one, as a Betfan offer. I made some money but realised that I could do just as well myself. So I did. I learned a lot about Trixies, Lucky-15s, other multiples. Worth it just for that.

Bonus Bagging : I’ve not actually used this service, but what they are doing is actually what I did at the beginning – grab all the free sign-up cash, and use it against the bookies. I made a LOT of money, but eventually ran out of online bookies to fleece!

The Gambling Don : I won a big chunk of money from a FREE tip this guy gave away via Betfan newsletter. I then signed up for his (expensive) paid service, only to lose much more than I’d won. Apparently, I had joined at the start of his biggest losing streak ever. Service charging THAT amount of money shouldn’t have big losing streaks!

Midas Method : I used this service for a LONG time. It used to more than pay for itself, but recently has had a massive losing streak. There are actually THREE services under one banner – and they are ALL losing at the moment. I’ve CANCELLED my recurring payment, but will continue to receive tips for a couple more weeks. ** This service is RE-LAUNCHING with different fees etc, very soon, but I suspect that the tips will stay the same. BE VERY CAREFUL **

Betting Systems

Insider Profits Provider : I’m currently trialling this system. Please note that it’s a system, NOT daily tips – you have to pick your own.. so far, I’m not doing well. And it’s a chunk of work. There’s a 60-day money-back deal, which I may need to use..

Automated_Punter : This is both a tipping service AND a piece of software. I haven’t got around to trialling this yet, as I’m currently playing with Insider Profits Provider.. Again, there’s a 6-day money-back deal..

Online Bookmakers

Bet365 : My weapon of choice! There’s a massive sign-up bonus, and they pay me £5 a week “loyalty bonus”. Even better than that, they frequently upgrade my odds to SP at race time, making me tons more money. I love bet365!

BetFair : I signed up for this at the same time as Bet365. The odds are usually better BUT: I often have hassles getting my bets matched AND I HATE having to place TWO separate bets in TWO separate markets just to create an EACH-WAY bet. It’s a hassle I can’t be bothered with!

RaceBets : A new one to me, but it’s excellent! RACING ONLY for start.. I got £100 free sign-up money, and get this: there’s an option to get the race result send to you as a text message (costs 10p). This is the service that’s missing from ALL the other bookies.. I Love it!

BetDaq : Almost exactly like BetFair, but the commission is lower. They’ve just been taken over by Ladrokes, though, so be careful.

I also use, or have used, pretty much every online bookie in Europe.. A brief list:
Ladrokes, Paddy Power, Bet-At-Home, Bwin, Betvictor, Partybets, Boylesports, William Hill – you get the idea. They are all pretty much the same thing, but watch out with the European ones – they can be awkward if you want to withdraw money, or even require ID.. seriously, for an online bookie that’s rubbish..

That about wraps it up. If there’s anything you want to ask me, feel free to use the CONTACT form..


P.S. The content of this post is also available on this page : Basher’s Guide to Tipsters, Systems and Bookies, which will be periodically updated.

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