Great Minds Think Alike? Or Something Else?

Bash The Bookies

Not for the first time, one of today’s Midas Method tips is exactly the same as the (free) Steady Eddy tip.. (4.10 Southwell – Una Bella Cosa)

Now, that could be coincidence, especially on a day with very few races. Unlike today.

The (free) Steady Eddy tip was posted last night, and the (paid-for) Midas Method tip was posted about 10 minutes ago.

I will be looking out for this happening again, with a view to reviewing my subscriptions..

In the meantime, you may want to get over to Steady Eddy and sign-up for free. If (paid) tipping services are coming up with the same selections, (I’m NOT suggesting they copied) then surely it’s a no-brainer?..

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