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I thought I’d just recap a bit on what I’m up to, how it’s going, and how I’m doing it..

The idea was to start off with a bank of £100 and see how much I could make, using free and paid-for tips.
I’d also worked out a way of picking good each way bets that I thought might work..

Getting started was tough, tiny bets and small returns. Painful. I already had accounts with most online boookies thanks to an earlier (successful) attempt at making money from their free sign-up bonuses.

I eventually settled on using :Bet365, as it’s easy and they keep giving me free fivers for loyalty. They can also upgrade bets to starting price (SP) if the SP is higher than the odds you took. Nice.

So there I was, placing daily bets using MY method and selected (free) tips from the :Betfan Newsletter (Ooops, I forgot to mention that. Don’t miss out – sign up a.s.a.p.).

By then I was doing quite well (+a couple of hundred quid), so I decided to try paid-for tipsters. I went for the The Midas Method. That went rather well, so I jumped in with both feet and signed up to The Gambling Don as well. That turned out to be an expensive mistake, as I joined slap bang in a massive drought.

Anyway, let’s just say that The Midas Method more than pays for itself on £5 a point, and I’ve been a member for months. It costs about £17 a month, plus an initial setup fee.

I discovered more free tips from Bet Kudos and The Winning Information Network, and I noticed that “Steady Eddy” was getting a lot of mentions. So I gave it a go. It’s free, so why not?
If you haven’t signed up to this service, you are missing out.. It won again yesterday..

Unfortunately, about a month ago, I had a MASSIVE run of zero-returns, which just about coincided with me increasing my point size to £10/point. It almost wiped me out (I was on £105 at one point, ie £5 up..)
So I’m concentrating on building up gradually. I’m on £5/point and taking it easy. Already, I’m back to more than £300, and the future’s looking brighter.

To Recap:

Bet365 – Online Bookmaker (Loyalty rewards and odds upgrades – recommended)
Steady Eddy‘s Each Way Earner
Betfan (Newsletter – Excellent)
The Midas Method (Subscription Service – Wotyh it.)
Bet Kudos (A lot like Betfan – excellent)

And of course: Basher’s Tip Of The Day!

Oh, I forgot to mention: I’m undergoing proofing for my tip with Betfan, and also logging my tips in the competition at OLBG..

** Material disclosure: if you sign up for this service using the links on this page, I may be paid a small commission. Just so you know.. **

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