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I currently do ALL my betting via Bet365 (unless there’s a promotion on somewhere else). However, sooner or later they are going to get sick of me winning, and will either impose a bet limit, or ban me outright.

All online bookies do this: there’s no escape. So you either move onto another online bookmaker, OR you use one of the betting exchanges.
** on an exchange, you are betting against other punters, so they don’t care if you keep winning – they get paid their commission anyway.. **

Now, I’ve been a BetFair member for many years (it all started with the World Cup).. But BetFair take a 5% commission from all my bets.

So I looked for an alternative. And found BetDaq.. which works in a similar manner to BetFair, but takes only 3% commission.

They are also running a promotion, whereby if you place a £30 bet and it loses, they give you a FREE £30 bet.

Sounds goods to me.

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